Our Work

Various are the aspects that can generally induce a company to the success, here the prominent one is a sincere passion for excellence: this passion got concrete in 2013 involving all the production system completely reorganized thanks to the support of a an ultra modern automatic machinery. The sorting of second hand clothes becomes based on a accurate production cycle that means a regular and organized series of procedures in order to get raw materials into a finished product. High control and quality are however always guaranteed. As a matter of fact, the company F.lli Esposito boasts quality certificates like the ISO 9001 and furthermore environmental respectful certificates like the ISO 14001.

Each day the company sorts 50/60 tons of used clothing and used shoes coming essentially from Switzerland but also from the North of Europe. The sanitization of second hand clothes starts the working process. Garments get free from microorganisms and bacteria before they start the sorting phase: immediately after their arrival, the second hand clothes pass through a cleansing tunnel where ozone nebulization is constant and guarantees the perfect purification of the wears before the sorting process.

The sorting process valuates the wear of the clothes and their peculiarities obtaining five different degrees of quality defined in the sector lexicon as following:

  • RAGS

The same happens with the accessories divided into:

  • BAGS

Clothes and accessories are finally packed according to the different customer needs, both locals and foreign (25 kg carton boxes, 25 kg little sacks, big bales, pressed bales, pressed little bales, etc.).

  • Supercream

  • Cream

  • Extra

  • Africa

  • Rags

  • Shoes

  • Bags and Belts